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Mgf (PEG MGF) 2mg/Vial Peptide Steroids Popular Muscle Growth Peptide

    • Mgf (PEG MGF) 2mg/Vial Peptide Steroids Popular Muscle Growth Peptide
    • Mgf (PEG MGF) 2mg/Vial Peptide Steroids Popular Muscle Growth Peptide
  • Mgf (PEG MGF) 2mg/Vial Peptide Steroids Popular Muscle Growth Peptide

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    সাক্ষ্যদান: GMP, ISO 9001, USP
    Model Number: PEG MGF


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    Product Description


    99.6% Purity Mgf (PEG MGF) 2mg/Vial Popular Muscle Growth Peptide with Safe Delivery


    Quick detail:


    Product Name  PEG MGF
    Chemical Name  PEG MGF
    Bacterial Endotoxins  5 EU/mg max
    Molecular Formula  C121h200n42o39
    Molecular Weight  2867.14
    Water Content(Karl Fischer)  8.0%max
    specification  2mg/vail
    Assay  99.5%
    Appearance  White powder




    Mechano growth factor (MGF) is a recently discovered splice variant of IGF-1 or insulin growth factor-1. This is known as IGF-1ec in humans and 1GF-1Eb in rats. This peptide is named as MGF because its RNA form is expressed in the muscle tissues as a response to damage or overload. The C-terminal peptide of MGF is a critical region as the peptide’s alternative splicing area.



    How does PEG-MGF works?


    1) MGF contains an E domain as such; it is able to act independently on the muscles.

    It also produces varying effects due to its ability to induce IGF-1 differentiation and promote mGF satellite cell proliferation. MGF was thought to play several physiological roles because failure of MGF expression leads to age-related loss of skeletal function.


    2) It also has neuroprotective properties to which it is able to protect facial neuronal cells after nerve damage.


    3) MGF also triggers new protein synthesis.

    After the initial splicing of insulin growth factor-1 into MGF, the production turns towards insulin growth factor-1Ea release from the liver. This also increases synthesis of proteins. Over the recovery and regrowth of muscles, the release of IGF-1 splice variants is thought to be the major anabolic mechanism to which the body is producing new muscle. Since PEG-MGF is an injectable peptide, anecdotal evidence has shown that injection of this peptide causes localized muscle growth.


    How much PEG-MGF should you take?


    You may inject it subcutaneously an hour or 2 before training to mimic the physiologic secretion of IGF 1.

    1000 mcg / 24 hours Recommended cycle duration is between 5 to 6 weeks.


    Since Pegylated MGF is considered to be more bioavailable, you will only need to inject it to your body 2 to 3 times a week. PEG MGF remains to be effective few days after self-administration.



    Mgf (PEG MGF) 2mg/Vial Peptide Steroids Popular Muscle Growth Peptide


    What are the benefits of PEG-MGF use?


    PEG-MGF has the ability to improve the release of IGF-1 as well as protein synthesis which can help in improving muscle growth amongst its users. It could also promote reduction of fat mass in the body whilst improve immune system, strengthen bone and skin, decrease cholesterol level, increase endurance and improve recovery after injury. Several studies have also shown that unlike other drugs used to increase body and muscle mass gains, PEG-MGF has not caused any serious side effects.



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