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বাড়ি পণ্যAnti Estrogen Steroids

Pharmaceutical Grade Legal Anti Estrogen Steroids Anastrozol / Arimidex CAS 120511 - 73 - 1

Pharmaceutical Grade Legal Anti Estrogen Steroids Anastrozol / Arimidex CAS 120511 - 73 - 1

    • Pharmaceutical Grade Legal Anti Estrogen Steroids Anastrozol / Arimidex CAS 120511 - 73 - 1
    • Pharmaceutical Grade Legal Anti Estrogen Steroids Anastrozol / Arimidex CAS 120511 - 73 - 1
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Legal Anti Estrogen Steroids Anastrozol / Arimidex CAS 120511 - 73 - 1

    পণ্যের বিবরণ:

    Place of Origin: China
    পরিচিতিমুলক নাম: Sendi
    সাক্ষ্যদান: GMP,ISO9001,BP, USP
    Model Number: 75


    Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
    মূল্য: $0.01
    Packaging Details: 25kgs/drum
    Delivery Time: 2-3 work days
    Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T,Bitcoin
    Supply Ability: 5000kg per Month
    এখন যোগাযোগ
    বিস্তারিত পণ্যের বর্ণনা
    CAS: 120511-73-1 MF: C17H19N5
    MW: 293.37 Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
    Appearance: White Crystalline Powder Purity: 99%

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    1. Basic Info


    CAS No: 120511-73-1
    MF: C17H19N5
    MW: 293.37
    Purity: 98%
    Appearance: an off-white color crystalline powder
    Use: It can be used to the treatment of Breast cancer


    2. Description


    Arimidex (commonly known as Anastrozol) is a new drug for the treatment of advanced breast cancer in women. Specifically, Arimidex is the first of a new generation of third-generation selective oral aromatase inhibitors. It acts by blocking enzyme aromatase, followed by blocking estrogen production. Because many forms of breast cancer cells are stimulated by estrogen, hoping to stop the progression of the disease by reducing the amount of estrogen in the body. This is the basic premise behind Nolvadex, except that this drug prevents estrogen from acting rather than. At least that Arimidex effect is very significant. A daily dose of 1 mg (1 mg) can produce greater than 80% estrogenic inhibition in treated patients. Because this drug has a strong effect on hormone levels, it can only be developed after postmenopausal women (clinically) are treated with (Nolvadex (tamoxifen citric acid)). May appear like flushing and sparse hair and other side effects, premenopausal patients will undoubtedly be more serious.

    3. Applications

    Aromatase inhibitors.It is used as antitumor raw material.Potent selective triazole aromatase inhibitors can inhibit cytochrome P-450 aromatase, which relies on blocking estrogen biosynthesis and estrogen stimulation in breast cancer cell growth factors. Breast cancer treatment, especially for patients with advanced breast cancer after postmenopausal adjuvant therapy for patients with hormone recurrence.


    4. COA


    Items Standard Results
    Description White crystalline powder Complies
    Identification IR
    Conform with standard IR
    Conform with standard HPLC
    Solubility Freely soluble in methanol,acetone,ethanol and tetrahydrofuran.And very soluble in acetonitrile Complies
    Total Impurity max.0.5% 0.18%
    Total Unspecified Impurity max. 0.2% 0.08%
    Individual unspecified impurlty max. 0.1% 0.05%
    Related compound B max. 0.2% 0.07%
    Related compound C max. 0.2% 0.04%
    Related compound D max. 0.1% 0.05%
    Related compound E max. 0.1% 0.06%
    Limit of cyclohexane max. 0.08% ND
    Limit of ethylacetate max. 0.1% 0.07%
    Melting point 81.0~84.0ºC 82.5~83.2ºC
    Water max. 0.3% 0.21%
    Residue on ignition max. 0.1% 0.07%
    Heavy Metals max.0.001% Complies
    Assay(HPLC) 98.0%~102.0% 99.8%
    Storage Cool and dry
    Conclusion It complies to USP32 .


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    1, High quality with competitive price:

    1)Standard: Enterprise Standard

    2)All Purity is 99%

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    Why choose us:


    1.Professional team for package and shipment.
    2.Fast and discreet shipment could be arranged for customs pass Guaranteed.
    3.Tracking code 24hours for customs pass guaranteed.
    4.Shipment by DHL, TNT, FEDEX, HKEMS, UPS, etc.


    How to Proceed Your Orders:

    Step 1
    Please let me know the items you are favorable, quantities, and the destination country.

    Step 2
    You confirm all details, and offer us purchasing order.

    Step 3
    We send the detail price of our product and offer the suitable shipping method for reference.

    Step 4
    You confirm the order and pay money 100% in advance and send us the detailed contacting information, including contacting person/company, address, mobile number,ZIP code and your special requirements.

    Step 5
    Parcel would be arranged within 12 hours upon receipt of your payment .
    Photos would be offered to tell apart the products .
    Tracking number :
    Send by EMS, the tracking number is availabe within 12 hours . The info would be trackable that day or 1 day later.
    If send by HKEMS or other express,the tracking number would be provided next day. And this does not mean the info is trackable that day. It would be released on internet 2 or 3 days later . The reason why is that parcel should be shipped to Hongkong from forwarder then wait for the flight .
    You sign for the parcel , deliveried.

    Step 6

    We offer after-sales service after you receive parcel.

    Pharmaceutical Grade Legal Anti Estrogen Steroids Anastrozol / Arimidex CAS 120511 - 73 - 1

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